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Tube & Clamp Scaffolding

Scaffold Materials
Product Code: STS4001
Description: 4mm Scaffold Tube

Made from galvanised steel, our tubes offer maximum reliability to your construction project, as the protective, zinc coating is weather resistant and prevents rusting.


  • Superior quality 4mm galvanised scaffolding tube, available in various lengths from 1'(0.3m) up to 21' (6.4m)
  • 48.3mm diameter x 4mm Nominal wall thickness
  • Fully conforming to EN39:2001 Grade S235GT

Scaffold Materials
Product Code: SB1204
Description: BS2482 Machine Graded Scaffold Boards (1.2m and 1.5m Support)

We stock a huge quantity of Scaffold Boards, for hire and sale. All are supplied to BS2482 :2009, machine stress graded standard and are to be supported every 1.2m. Also available are 1.5m support boards.

All boards are Kitemarked as per BS2482 and come with end bands. Also available are boards with nail plates which help to increase the life of the scaffolding boards. Scaffold band and board branding is also available to order.


  • BS2482:2009 Machine Graded
  • Available in various sizes from 2' to 13'
  • Board width: 225mm (8 7/8")
  • Board thickness: 38mm (1.5")

Scaffold Materials
Product Code: SBDR04
Description: Fire Retardant Scaffold Boards

Like BSI Scaffold Boards our Fire Retardant Scaffold Boards are available from stock, treated to BS EN 15301 -1: 2002 and euro class C, with certificates. All boards are Kitemarked as per BS2482 and come with end bands. Also available are boards with nail plates which help to increase the life of the scaffolding boards.


  • Treated to BS EN 15301 -1: 2002 and euro class C
  • Available in various sizes from 2' to 13'
  • Available in different brands such as Dricon, FireStop, Fire Safe & Fire Wright

Scaffold Materials
Product Code: LBAL13
Description: High Capacity 450mm Aluminium Beam

The Aluminium 450 “R” Beam has been the market leader in Europe and the UK for more than 15 years. It provides significant time and cost savings across a whole range of scaffold structures. Suspended or mobile platforms, birdcages, protection-decks bridges or temporary roofs are ideal applications for the Aluminium 450 “R” Beam.

The Aluminium 450 “R” Beam has been specifically designed to provide the highest possible UDL. The unique design allows connection direct to the node point between the diagonals, achieving maximum loading. This means, in most applications the lowest number of beams are required. If additional beams are quickly and simply joined together with straight connectors using fast action spring clips.


  • BS EN1999-1 (1.0m Restraints)
  • Max. Bending = 20.19kNm
  • Max. Shear = 11.66kN
  • Conforms to BS EN 1999-1-1 Eurocode 9
  • Use of beams in a load bearing application should be subject to a structural design.
  • Spring Clip available
  • 45cm 6 Hole Spigot, also available separately

Scaffold Materials
Product Code: CLSL01
Description: Pressed Sleeve Coupler

Used to join two either two vertical or horizontal tubes, the pressed sleeve is manufactured to quality standard EN 74-18 and provides a strong yet economical solution.


  • En 74-18 Standard
  • 1.1 kg Self Weight

Scaffold Materials
Product Code: CLBE01
Description: Drop-Forged Gravlock/Girder Coupler

Used to attach scaffold tube to steel girder beams the girder coupler is manufactured to quality standard AS 1576.1 and designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest standard. They are built with the best quality steel and are available fully zinc plated to protect against rust.

They should always be used in pairs and ordered for hire and sale with this in mind.


  • Manufactured to AS 1576.1
  • 1.56 kg Self Weight
  • Available in Fixed and Swivel Types

Scaffold Materials
Product Code: CLRA01
Description: Drop-Forged Right Angled Coupler (RAC)

The drop forged double coupler is designed and built for the professional scaffolder market. It provides extreme strength and value for money and is available for hire and sale from RADIAN.


  • Heavy duty drop forged coupler complies with both EN74 and BS EN 74-1:2005
  • 1.0 kg Self Weight

Scaffold Materials
Product Code: CLBP03
Description: Band & Plate

Band & Plate Couplers are supplied to EN74, Class B specification. Used to connect tubes at a 90D angle. HD Steel construction with a zinc plated exterior for long life.


  • Heavy duty coupler complies with EN74
  • 1.0 kg Self Weight

Scaffold Materials
Product Code: CLBP02
Description: 5mm Base Plate

Supplied to EN74/BS1139 Standard our 5mm Scaffolding base plate are for use at the base of the scaffold structure to ensure secure and safe placement of Scaffolding tube. Can be used with a range of sole pads, Timber or Plastic foot plate.


  • Zinc Plated for long life
  • 0.32 kg Self Weight

Scaffold Materials
Product Code: SJFB4T or SJFB6T
Description: Screw Jack

We provide 4 and 6 ton standard base jacks. we also provide swivel screw jacks as well.


  • 4 Ton Standard Base Jack 3.5kg
  • 6 Ton Standard Base Jack 4.3kg

Scaffold Materials
Product Code: CLSI01
Description: Drop Forged Single Coupler

Used to attach transom or board supporting tube to the ledger, the drop forged putlog coupler is manufactured to BS 1139.2.2.


  • Manufactured to BS 1139.2.2
  • 0.6kg Self Weight

Scaffold Materials
Product Code: CLSW01
Description: Drop Forged Swivel Coupler

Provides a fixing of two tubes at an angle. Used for ledger and face bracing. This is a load bearing fitting available in drop forged and pressed.


  • Manufactured to BS 1139.2.2 1991 and EN74 A
  • 1.0 kg Self Weight

Scaffold Materials
Product Code: LATS20
Description: Tuff Steel Ladder

The improved design Steel Ladder is certified to BS EN131, and is tested to performance requirements of BS2037 Class 1 Industrial, ideal for scaffolding and industrial applications. All Steel Ladders sold are fully coated inside and out, with aluminium-zinc for maximum corrosion resistance, which is much more durable and resilient than paint or epoxy alternatives.

The Tuff Steel Ladder has square, non slip rungs angled to provide flat climbing surface and oversized rubber feet to allow use either way up. Secured in place with either Square Edge Ladder Clamp or Round Edge Ladder Clamp


  • Manufactured to BS EN131
  • Tested to BS2037 Class 1
  • Available Sizes from 3.0m to 8.0m in 1m increments

Scaffold Materials
Product Code: CWBL08
Description: Scaffold Castors

8″ Castor wheels to suit both tubular scaffolding and system scaffolding such as KStage and Klok and CupLock. Also can be used in many situations and projects. The Scaffolding Castor Wheels are heavy duty designed, incorporating an easy to use thumb break, supplied with test certificates and specification sheet.


  • Available in 8" and 12" Diameter
  • 6.7 kg Self Weight
  • Available in Rubber or Polyurethane base

Scaffold Materials
Product Code: SGS001
Description: Swing Access Gate - Spring Loaded

Spring Loaded Ladder Access Gate, for use when a ladder is used to access the scaffold structure from the outside to safely secure the opening, preventing falls from height and incorporating a toe board for added security. Made from high grade steel for strength and durability.

Comes with two strong springs which close the gate after use, automatically securing the ladder opening. Compatible with tube and fitting scaffolding or one of the systems, such as KStage, Cuplok or Layher etc. To increase safety, the gate is fully enclosed with extra strong mesh and also includes a pressed steel toe board welded to the frame.


  • Manufactured from Steel
  • 11.0 kg Self Weight
  • Width - 761 mm or 30".00
  • Height - 960 mm or 37.75"
  • Quick and Easy fit & assembly
  • Painted in high visibility yellow

Scaffold Materials
Product Code: NONE
Description: Cuplok Scaffold

The Cuplok Scaffolding System is versatile, safe and fast to erect. With its unique locking system, horizontal ledgers and transoms can be connected to the cups on standards in one simple action without the use of loose fittings. Cuplok can be erected in straight or circular configurations and can be used for both access and support applications.

Every Cuplok component is galvanised, making this system very durable and resistant to corrosion. The Cuplok system can be used with Scaffold boards or other accessories to make it one of the most reliable and flexible systems available. Our product has been fully tested and approved to BS EN 12811/12810 complying with NASC guidelines and current European standards.

Products Available

  • Ledgers - various lengths
  • Swivel Face Brace
  • Standards
  • Intermediate Transoms
  • Steel Battens


  • Manufactured from Steel
  • Galvanized Coated
  • Quick and East to erect
  • No Loose Fittings
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to Maintain