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Scaffold Inspection

Scaffold Inspection

By law all scaffolds must inspected prior to use and then inspected every 7 days thereafter or following adverse weather conditions. These inspections must be carried out by a 'competent person'. In the majority of cases the scaffolder that erected the scaffold is deemed to be the 'competent' person to inspect his own scaffold. While this may have been the case in the past, companies are moving away from this and turning towards independent inspection.

It is possible while working on a busy site with other sub-contractors around things can go wrong, things can be missed out. Assurance is needed by the client that the scaffold erected, is sound, sturdy and compliant. Our team of inspectors certify scaffolding according to the TG20:21 guideline, which is the latest and most widely used scaffold guidance.

Our Independent Scaffold Inspection Service allows a client or contractor the peace of mind to know that the scaffold is being inspected for use regularly, effectively and in compliance with the latest and current standard.

When does a scaffold need inspection?

  1. After erection or before first use
  2. After an earthquake or tremor
  3. High winds/storm/hurricane
  4. Significant modification to the scaffold
  5. After every seven (7) days
  6. After any impact with equipment or machinery


All scaffolding inspection should be carried out by a competent person whose combination of knowledge, training and experience is appropriate for the type and complexity of the scaffold. Competence may have been assessed under the CISRS or an individual may have received training in inspecting a specific type of system scaffold from a manufacturer/supplier.

  1. TG20:13 provides compliant scaffolds for a limited range of cantilever scaffolds, loading bays, static towers, use of rakers, bridges and protection fans.
  2. TG20:13 provides a range of compliant scaffolds, which can be boarded at any number of lifts, but only two platforms can be used as working platforms at any one time.