Scaffold Consumables

Scaffold Consumables

Product Code: SPE-0013
Description: BIG BEN Premium Plastic Scaffold Brickguard
Manufacturer: LEACH's

Now being used by many scaffold contractors and considered the most durable premium brickguard on the market! Unrivalled wind speed resistance with double toe board restraint clips. Stays on the scaffold in wind speeds up to 78mph!

  • EN12811-1:2003 Compliance tested
  • Highly durable polypropylene material
  • Flexible placement to fill small gaps
  • Simple to stack, move and reuse
  • Durable swivel hooks
  • Designed and Produced in the UK
  • 1025mm wide x 850mm high (excluding hooks)
  • Available in Multiple Colours: Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Red & Yellow

Product Code: SPE-0001 to 0005
Description: Scaffold Tube End Caps (250 per bag)
Manufacturer: LEACH's

End caps to fit standard size scaffold tube. Scaffold end caps increase public safety and prevent injury caused by exposed sharp edges of the scaffolding tubes. Also brilliant for preventing debris entering the scaffolding tube. Made from a tough and robust plastic for long lasting sustainability. Can be re-used. They are also known as: Scaffold caps, tube caps, protection caps and end caps.

  • Superior Quality
  • Bagged in 250's
  • Available in, Orange, Pink, Green, Blue, Black, Red & Yellow

Product Code: SPE-0008
Description: Fittings End Cap (Bag of 1000)
Manufacturer: LEACH's
  • Used to cover protruding bolt ends on scaffolding to prevent injury.
  • Superior Quality
  • Domed Shape
  • Available in Yellow

Product Code: SPE-0006
Description: Internal Tube End Cap (Bag of 100)
Manufacturer: LEACH's
  • Fits securely inside the end of the tube.
  • Prevents objects getting put inside tubes!
  • Flanged or Flush Fit available.

Product Code: SPE-0005
Description: Big Ben Combicap (Bag of 250)
Manufacturer: LEACH's
  • Fits both Tube End and Fitting End
  • Re-usable time & time again
  • Available in Yellow or Blue
  • Used and specified on many major site worldwide
  • Available in Yellow

Product Code: SST-0002
Description: Big Ben Haz Cover
Manufacturer: LEACH's
  • Simply clips on around the scaffold tube
  • Re-usable time & time again
  • Fits all scaffold tubes
  • No need to tie or tape
  • High quality & durable
  • Smart easy clean
  • Available in Red & white Stripe

Product Code: MTS-0002
Description: Harness Inspection Tag
Manufacturer: LEACH's
  • Available in Yellow Only
  • Soft and Durable PVC
  • Ideal for any type of harness
  • The inspection tag supplied is available in either of the years (2015-2023, 2017-2025)

Product Code: DNE-0001
Description: Heavy Duty Debris Netting
Manufacturer: LEACH's

Debris Netting is designed to be fixed to the outside of the scaffolding framework for the protection of personnel, buildings and traffic. It is secured by using cable ties, achieving a fixing pattern of approximately one cable tie per meter in each direction.

  • Colours available: Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Black & White
  • Available in 2m x 50m
  • Available in 3m x 50m
  • Flame Retardant Debris Netting also available

Product Code: DNE-0013
Description: KWIKAZ Fastening Clips
Manufacturer: LEACH's

Please be aware the Kwikaz system is based on the Australian method of fixing netting on the inside of the scaffold, meaning the clips are pointing outwards away from personnel. At ground level the clips can be protected by rubber caps. Kwikaz can also be used to fix netting on the outside of scaffold, however, you will need to order rubber caps to protect personnel on the scaffold.

  • Made from tough galvanised carbon steel for extra bite with a 200N force required to detach each clip
  • Used in conjunction with the KwikAz fastening Tool
  • Typically 10x faster than using zip ties
  • Each clip is reusable which leads to long term savings

Product Code: DNE-0014
Description: KWIKAZ Fastener Tool/Driver
Manufacturer: LEACH's

Save time, money and labour with KwikAz which is typically 10x faster than using netting ties.

  • This fully reusable system leads to long term savings
  • 200N force required to detach each clip
  • Can be used to fasten debris netting or brickguards with ease

Barrier Fencing
Product Code: DNE-0022
Description: Barrier Fencing Mesh - Orange (1m x 50m)
Manufacturer: LEACH's

Quick and easy to construct. Suitable for all types of areas, including construction sites and railways.

  • Highly visible temporary fencing
  • Made from heavy duty, durable, weatherproof plastic
  • Available in Orange
  • Available in 1m x 50m rolls

Product Code: BAG-0006
Description: One Tonne Lifting Bags
Manufacturer: LEACH's

Excellent way to move large quantities of building products on site or in your yard. Our top quality bags are manufactured from strong polypropylene and have 4 loops which makes them ideal for use with a forklift truck.

  • Dimensions: 85 x 85 x 85cm (External)
  • Safe Working Load: 1000kg
  • 5:1 Single-Trip Loops: 4 x 30cm Loops (Side Seam)
  • Top: Open Top (Hemmed)
  • Base: Flat Base Fabric: White Woven Polypropylene

Product Code: BAG-0008
Description: BIG BEN Transit Bag
Manufacturer: BIG BEN

This all purpose heavy duty scaffold lifting bag has been designed and approved for the transport and lifting of heavy goods. Heavy duty, very strong and durable transit bag. Ideal for transporting and lifting your fittings.

  • Strong with soft handles ensure these bags are comfortable to carry
  • Safe Working Load of 30kg
  • 900mm Height

Product Code: BAG-0004
Description: BIG BEN Bale Sacks - Woven Polypropylene
Manufacturer: BIG BEN

These woven polypropylene bags are made from durable and tough woven fabric which makes them ideal for carrying scaffold fittings without them tearing. The durable fabric means this standard woven polypropylene bags can be used many times. The bags have a hemmed mouth and are folded and stitched at the base.

  • Pack Size of 100
  • Strongly Stitched
  • Ideal for Clamp Storage
  • Size - 450 x 600 mm