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Rescue Training

Rescue is a crucial element in working at height or confined spaces projects and achieving a successful rescue in the minimum time is paramount. Rescue plans and systems should be designed to facilitate the rapid recovery of a person needing assistance. In order to do this, you must have the proper equipment and training. Simplicity is the basis of our rescue and evacuation systems.

RADIAN H.A. Limited provides rescue training using the Getmie Safe Rescue System.

The training covers the following areas: -

  1. Evacuation from height - this is ideal for tower cranes, hanging scaffolds & other tall structures
  2. No risk rescue of suspended persons - this includes using one of our devices with the telescopic pole
  3. Advanced rescue of suspended persons - this includes descending to the casualty & raising or lowering them
  4. Harness and Lanyard training - the safe use of equipment including correct fitting, safe practices, pre-use checks & maintenance/care of equipment

Getmie Safe Rescue Kit