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About RADIAN H.A. Limited

Company Overview

Radian H.A. Ltd. is a dynamic, customer-driven business established 14th March 2001; we primarily engage in the provision of comprehensive training programs in Scaffolding & Form Work. We work in conjunction with Safety & Access Ltd. (UK) the leading scaffolding & formwork training agency in the United Kingdom. We also provide the broadest range of Scaffolding Tools, Scaffolding Accessories and Safety Equipment in Trinidad & Tobago for both hire and sale. Radian H.A. Ltd also has a truly unique market position as we never undertake any contract work, which we would consider to be direct competition with on-site contractors, many of whom are our customers.

Mission Statement

“At Radian H.A. Limited, we are committed to being a company that provides unparalleled service and quality support in the scaffolding industry. This encompasses all aspects pertaining to the scaffold industry, in a unique one-stop service for our clients. Clients can be assured that the quality of all our training, materials, tools, and gears meet and comply with international standard requirements”.

Vision Statement

“To become an invaluable partner in the scaffold industry by providing the highest quality of products as well as constantly developing the scaffolder capacity through our training regime and to constantly strive for excellence driven by the integrity, teamwork and creativity of our management, staff and employees.”

Our History & Partnerships

Radian H.A. Limited was established in 2001 to provide international training and consultancy services to the Construction and Petro-Chemical industries. We are a dynamic, customer-driven business with our clients' interest at the core of everything that we do. At Radian we have a passion for raising the industry's standards, locally and regionally while adhering to international standards. Radian has an ongoing partnership with Safety & Access one of the UK's leading CISRSScaffolding training and Health & Safety consultancy provider.

We have established a new partnership with GETMIE Safe (UK)to specialize in Rescue and Working at Heights training which allows us to provide expert training that will develop local and regional scaffolders to meet recognised international standards. The core model we have been implementing for the last 18 years, is the British Standard, which encompasses, European, American, Canadian and Australian standards. By the adoption of the British standard (BS EN12811-1:2003 AND TG20:21 and SG 4:15 guides) we are hoping to enhance our Bureau of Standards and OSHE programs.

Radian is also in association with Leach's (UK), the exclusive distributors of Nailspan® and IMN® professional range of scaffolding tools and the ever-expanding range of BIG BEN® safety products. In providing the training, tools, gears, and materials required for the scaffolder, our goal is to create a highly skilled individual that can work regionally and internationally. Radian understands the importance of implementing this standard, as we are aspiring to enhance the quality of equipment and management within the industry. We are also a proud member of the following: Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago and the Trinidad and Tobago Contractors Association. As the Scaffolding industry continuously moves forward, Radian H.A. Limited is committed to taking scaffolding to new dimensions with our unique one stop service approach, partnerships, and memberships.

Radian Timeline
Figure 1: - Radian H.A. Limited's Timeline & Expected Growth into 2020.

Core Values

Radian H.A. Ltd. believes in treating our customers with respect and loyalty. We intend to grow through creativity, invention and innovation. We will integrate honesty, integrity and high ethical standards in all aspects of our business operations.


Overall expansion (both locally and internationally) in the field of scaffold training and scaffold product management to develop a strong base of key customers. Additionally, to continuously increase the asset and investment portfolio of the company to support the development of services while building a good reputation in our sphere of business operation.