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Solutions for your construction projects

Doka offers formwork solutions for all areas of construction activity – for anything from housing developments to transportation infrastructure and power-generation facilities, or for building the world’s tallest structures. You can choose from formwork systems and components for any construction project and any requirement.

Acrow Props or Acro Props are used throughout the construction industry and are available in 5 different sizes. To help you select the right acrow prop for your project, you need to consider the height that you need the prop to reach and the load or weight that it needs to support.

Product Code: PADS00
Description: Adjustable Props (Acro Props)
  • Size 0 (1.041m—1.829m) (Code:PADS00)
  • Size 1 (1.1753m—3.124m) (Code: PADS01)
  • Size 2 (1.981m—3.352m) (Code: PADS02)
  • Size 3 (2.590m—3.962m) (Code: PADS03)
  • Size 4 (3.20m—4.876m) (Code: PADS04)

Product Code: PTSS00
Description: Trench Struts
  • Size 0 (0.32m—0.47m) (Code: PTSS00)
  • Size 1 (0.49m—0.73m) (Code: PTSS01)
  • Size 2 (0.69m—1.09m) (Code: PTSS02)
  • Size 3 (1.03m—1.73m) (Code: PTSS03)

Product Code: PPPS00
Description: Push-Pull Props
  • Size 0 (1.14m—1.829m) (Code: PPPS00)
  • Size 1 (1.85m—3.124m) (Code: PPPS01)
  • Size 2 (2.08m—3.352m) (Code: PPPS02)
  • Size 3 (2.69m—3.962m) (Code: PPPS03)
  • Size 4 (3.35m—4.954m) (Code: PPPS04)

Product Code: FWTR01
Description: Dywidag Tie-Rod

The Dywidag Bar System is the perfect solution for transferring tensile forces and can therefore be used as tie rods.

Wall assembly and dam construction, cross-linkings, tying back walls in deadman structures, positional stability of joint connections, corner joints and foundations etc. Due to the continuous thread, the bars can be cut, anchored, and coupled at any point and be adjusted to on-site requirements. This makes the system completely independent of installation conditions on site as well as of existing deviations or alterations.

Depending on requirements and steel grades, a variety of corrosion protection methods can be used.

  • Built to Specified length
  • 15mm Diameter or greater

Product Code: FWCC01
Description: Column Clamp

One of the fastest and most widely used column forming systems on the market today. Standard sizes are available as per below. It is designed for rapid concrete placement.

  • Type 1 (710mm) (Code: FWCC01)
  • Type 2 (1050mm) (Code: FWCC01)
  • Type 3 (1450mm) (Code: FWCC01)

Product Code: FWWN01
Description: Wing Nut & Waler Plates

Available upon request, the Waler Plate and the Wing Nut for the Tie-Rods.

  • Wing Nut (FWWN01)
  • Waler Plate (FWSB01)