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Cuplock Scaffolding

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CUPLOK is the world’s most widely used system scaffold. It is a fully galvanised multi-purpose steel scaffold system suitable for providing general access and supporting vertical loads. CUPLOK complies with BS EN 12811 and 12810. CUPLOK’s key feature is its unique circular node point which allows up to 4 horizontals to be connected to a vertical in a single fastening action - making it probably the fastest and safest system available. The comprehensive range of CUPLOK components allows it to be used with traditional scaffold boards or battens. It can be used to create a huge range of access and support structures, staircase towers, circular scaffolds, loading towers and mobile towers. Hot-dipped galvanising is the finest practical coating that can be applied to a scaffold system, providing a long working life and better handling.

The CUPLOK Locking Procedure

At the heart of the CUPLOK system is its unique node-point locking device. This enables up to four horizontals to be loosely but safely connected to the standard then locked into position with a single hammer blow. The system uses no loose clips, bolts or wedges. The locking device is formed by fixed lower cups, welded to the standards at 0.5m intervals, and sliding upper cups which drop over the blade ends of the horizontals and rotate to lock them firmly into place giving a positive, rigid connection. This revolutionary design makes CUPLOK system quick and easy to erect and dismantle, saving the client in labour costs. Once a CUPLOK structure is ‘based out’ and levelled, subsequent lifts are automatically erected square and horizontal. The lack of loose components makes the system easy to use and exceptionally robust - its galvanised finish making it virtually immune to corrosion and damage. (SGB 2018)